'Jersey Shore' Recap: Men Behaving Very Badly

The fourth episode of Season 3 of Jersey Shore finally saw the end of Sammi and Ronnie. Oh wait, they made up again. Come ON, people. End it already.

It was a banner episode for Sammi, who punched Ronnie in the face (yes, the same thing that landed Teen Mom Amber in jail -- don't ask me why it's OK when Sammi does it) for speaking to JWoww. Then, later in the episode, she made up with JWoww herself. OK, then. I can see why you cared so much!

In her defense, she did recognize the utter lunacy of PUNCHING HER BOYFRIEND IN THE FACE, but still. I desperately wish these two would just end it already. Sammi threatened to leave and even called her mom to come get her, but in the end, she went back to Ronnie.

Of course, her bad behavior pales in comparison to the guys. Can someone please tell me why women still go home with these lunatics?


Ronnie said such horrible things to Sammi, it was almost intolerable to watch. He told her he didn't care about her tears, called her awful names that went beyond "bitch," and yet, he is supposed to come off as the good guy? I don't think so.

Except compared to the others, he is. Vinny and Pauly D. disgusted me in this episode. The grenade whistle? Was that really necessary? It disgusts me that these men bring women home and then treat them so poorly. If they're good enough to "get it in with," i.e., place your penis inside, then they ought to be good enough to treat with a base level of respect.

Instead Pauly D. goes running out the back door while his friends basically tell this poor girl that she is too ugly to have sex with. When I see grown men act like this, I am horrified for both my son and daughter. For my daughter, I am terrified that some man would treat her that way. And for my son, I am terrified that he would act that way.

If he ever did, rest assured, I would set him very, very straight.

By the end of the night, even Deena was being treated poorly by the guy she was dating. Dean -- the Ronnie lookalike -- told everyone in Seaside that she liked to do some sexual thing that was too dirty to name, but sounded a lot like licking the bum.

She put him in his place, but still. Gross. Who are these guys? Is this how their mother raised them? Do they want some jerk calling their sister a grenade?

Really, it's shameful and gross behavior. It's also kind of funny given I actually find those men physically repulsive. They're lucky to have any woman even consider sex with them and they're knocking the ones who do?

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Do you think they are gross about women?

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