Sixth Breast Enlargement Proves Fatal for Porn Star

The old saying "you can never be too rich or too thin" has surely been disproven; now it seems there can be such a thing as fatally big boobs.
Twenty-three-year-old porn star and German Big Brother participant Carolin Berger died last Thursday as the result of her sixth (!) breast enlargement operation. Berger, known by her stage name as "Cora," was attempting to go from an already-shocking 34F to a 34G. Twenty eight ounces of silicone were being injected into each breast when her heart stopped beating during the surgery. She suffered brain damage and died after nine days in a medically induced coma.

The clinic that had performed her first five breast augmentation surgeries would not agree to a sixth, which led Berger to find a new facility. The sixth breast surgery seems like an odd place to draw the line, but at least they eventually refused this woman's unhappy obsession.


Berger's unconventional pursuit of fame also caused medical problems for her in 2009 when she was rushed to the hospital with breathing difficulty after ... well, there's no nice way to say this: after trying to break a world record by orally pleasuring 200 men. (She, ah, made it to 75.)

Two of the doctors who performed Berger's fatal sixth surgery have now been charged with negligent manslaughter, although it's unclear why at this point. It's possible the charge is related to injecting free silicone that wasn't contained in an implant, which is thought to be a dangerous practice.

At any rate, I suppose they can't be held legally responsible for her choice to have the surgery in the first place, but they surely should have had the ethics to turn her away. I feel sorry for this woman; I may not be able to identify with her lifestyle, but I do know that 23 is way too young to die.

Do you think plastic surgery clinics should have a moral obligation to refuse such over-the-top procedures?

Image via Flickr/Sérgio Savaman Savarese

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