Why Was Charlie Sheen Hospitalized? (Yes, It Involves a Porn Star)

charlie sheenCharlie Sheen was rushed via ambulance to the hospital this morning. Shocking, I know. Here are the facts as we know them:

Sheen was partying with a porn star, 22-year-old Kacey Jordan. (Of course he was.) When Jordan arrived at the Two and a Half Men star's place to party on Tuesday night, four other women were there, and Sheen greeted her sporting a shirt stained with wine. (Classy!)

Jordan claims that when she left on Wednesday afternoon, Charlie was still going strong. Next thing you know, Sheen was hospitalized this morning with severe abdominal pains after a 6:35 a.m. 911 call.

So what could have happened?

The Twitterverse is abuzz with much speculation on a cause, a dollop of sympathy, and more than a few wisecracks:


First, the kind thoughts:

Man, I hope Charlie Sheen is OK. The world is a much more interesting place with him in it.

Charlie Sheen has been rushed to the hospital. Why? Why? Not now. He has to much to give.

Poor guy can't catch a break...

Awww ...

Some tweeters registered a note of disbelief at the veracity of the report:

Charlie Sheen left his own house party on a stretcher. Don't worry, that's just his pet name for fat hookers.

And now for some Internet speculation as to the cause:

Breaking news, it seems Charlie Sheen has been hospitalized...could it be drugs and hookers?

Charlie Sheen rushed to the hospital with stomach pains. Crap, he finally did it. He finally ate a hooker.

Charlie Sheen rushed to hospital with stomach pain. I'm assuming he just watched his own work while sober for the very first time.

Of course there were more than a few, "Right on, mans!":

Charlie Sheen knows how to party apparently.

Charlie Sheen is trying hard to become my hero.

Charlie Sheen hospitalizes after an all-night boozefest. Signals of a great party or greatest party?

And finally, a word to the wise:

Charlie Sheen hospitalised with severe abdominal pains after early morning 911 call! If I were his publicist I wud NOT tell Ricky Gervais!

Charlie Sheen is back in the hospital again, jeebus. Take some friendly advice Chuck. Start sleeping with nurses and save the trip, duh.

What do you think about Charlie Sheen's latest drama? Do you have any sympathy for the sitcom star?

Image via Two and a Half Men/CBS

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