Jimmy Buffett Falls Off Stage: Luckily, There Was a Parrothead Doctor in the House

Dr. Gordian Fulde was among the throngs of "Margaritaville" fans at Jimmy Buffett's final concert last night in Sydney, Australia, when he watched horrified as the singer plummeted face-first off the stage.

Buffett had done several encores at that point and was walking over to shake one of the audience member's hands when he apparently misjudged where the edge of the stage was, striking his head with an audible crash.

TMZ has acquired a video of the fall, which you can see here.


Despite being dressed in standard Parrothead gear—shorts and sandals—Dr. Fulde jumped the fence, told security who he was, and began attending to Buffett. He describes the 64-year-old entertainer as crumpled, white as a sheet, and limp with blood pouring from a bad cut on his scalp, but Buffett slowly came around and eventually wanted to wave to fans as he was wheeled to the ambulance.

At the hospital Dr. Fulde helped conduct a CT scan of Buffett's brain and had a neurologist assess him, and kept him awake to ensure no bleeding of his brain had occurred. The doctor says Buffett ultimately required several stitches but was not severely injured.

A representative from his label says Buffett is doing well and should be released today. Treatment presumably includes at least a few medicinal dosings of a frozen concoction that helps him hang on. After all, some people claim there's something to blame for the fall, but we know it's nobody's fault.

Image via Splash News

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