Ted Williams Leaves Rehab, Still a Drunk, Sick Man

Ted Williams
Ted Williams
Oh, Mr. Golden Voice, I fear you might need a golden miracle on your side. It seems former homeless addict, hopeful radio announcer, and overnight celebrity Ted Williams left rehab against his doctor's orders today. Sorry to say I'm not surprised.

In the previous post I wrote about Ted going to rehab, I concluded he didn't seem ready to get sober, and a few commenters railed against that criticism, nudging me to be more positive and more hopeful for this guy. Oh, I wish I could be, but I also know from experience that fighting addiction is no monkey business.

Oh how many times, while trying to kick my own drinking problem, did I look up and hope the clouds would part for me. They never did. Not for all the hoping I did. Not for all the positive thinking I could muster. Nope, the clouds only parted when I got to the real work of fighting my disease, and unfortunately, that work is ongoing.


Ted Williams didn't make it even two weeks in the drug and alcohol dependency program, paid for presumably by Dr. Phil and friends.

Dr. Phil released this statement today:

Ted was given the chance to voluntarily enter a drug rehabilitation facility in order to help him in dealing with his dependency on drugs and alcohol. In that it is voluntary, the decision to remain in treatment is Ted's to make.

We certainly hope that he continues his commitment to sobriety, and we will continue to help and support him in any way that we can. We wish him well.

-- Dr. Phil McGraw

No news on how Ted's doing in the outside world again, but this can only be a heartbreaking turn of events for him. Of course, I do have a minuscule romantic in me that always always hopes an alcoholic will come to sobriety with ease, just once. Maybe Ted will be that miracle.

It is out of our hands, of course, in God's hands. Hope Ted finds his way back.

Did you think Ted Williams was going to make it in rehab? Do you think there's still hope for him now?


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