Spencer Pratt: The Ultimate Rap Superstar? (VIDEO)

When I think about today's greatest rappers, I generally think of big names. You know -- Jay Z, Eminem, Kanye, and even Lil' Wayne. Well watch out boys, there's a new head honcho in town, and this rapper goes by the name of Spencer Pratt

Yeah, you read that right. The reality TV star hit the studio in L.A. last year to record his hip-hop debut "Ain't No Thing" -- and lucky for us (wahooooo!), it's finally making its way around the Internet.


Of course in true reality TV fashion, this is no standard pop hit. Because Spencer's rapping about chicken. Yes. Clickity-cluck cluck I'd like that with barbecue sauce please, chicken. A sample of lyrics for your pleasure:

Money ain't a thing

Nothing but a chicken wing

Call me Mr. KFC

S dot P in the flesh.

Put down all beverages and brace yourself for incessant laughter:

The saddest part of this video (aside from the wonderful montage of Spencer and Heidi photos): I actually caught myself grooving to the beat. YES, GROOVING. If you ignore the lyrics -- as if that's even possible when he's rapping about KFC -- then the infectious beat will make you want to dance around the office and put on a pair of sunglasses and a backwards hat (or maybe that's just me).

I wonder how it feels to be part of such a talented couple. One thing's for sure: If Heidi was looking for a little revenge last year after her sweetie threatened to release her sex tape, then this could have been her meal ticket. Talk about loyalty, especially after splitting up and getting back together (again). Too bad Montag is just as bad at saying no to plastic surgery as her blondie boyfriend is at rapping.

What do you think of Spencer's rap?

Photo via Angela Weiss/Getty

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