'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Girls' Weekend Gone Wrong

Real Housewives of AtlantaPhaedra Parks pretty much summed up this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta with her closing line: “This was a moving experience going to Miami with my girlfriends. NOT!” Not. At. All.

The weekend was supposed to be all about Cynthia -- a bachelorette party of sorts before her upcoming wedding, but most of it spun around the drama between Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes that started aboard the tour bus last week. When they arrived in Miami and met the other women, the drama spilled right out. Kim and NeNe came out of the bus a brawling. Slave this, snap your neck that, you’re a monster full of trash ... or at least that's what it sounded like.

To recap, this all stemmed from the fact that NeNe was pissed Kim was bringing her assistant, Sweetie, and Kandi was bringing her manager, Don Juan, to what was supposed to be a girls’ weekend. NeNe upped the argument when she called Sweetie a slave, and things just kept getting worse from there.


Of course, it was never going to be just girls as the women were staying at the home of Thomas Kramer, a “friend” of Kim’s. The home and its scary animal decor (his childhood dog preserved!) were almost as interesting as his relationship with Kim. While last summer she denied they were dating, there was more than a little indication that he may have been her Big Papa of Miami. We know she’s pregnant with Kroy Biermann’s baby now, but something was going on between her and Kramer when this was filmed. She even called him “boo.”

NeNe decided to retaliate by inviting her friend Diana (dubbed “The Hulk” by Kim) to fly down to Miami. Sheree had invited Lawrence, so it was all one big messed up party. And oh, yeah, it was supposed to be about Cynthia.

When they went to Cynthia’s fashion show, the ladies were none too kind in their assessment of her figure when she donned a bathing suit -- particularly her derriere, which startled them all with its largess. “It looks like a pretzel dipped in cottage cheese” was one of the nicer observations about it. Seriously catty comments were flying from her supposed “friends.”

It wasn’t until Cynthia broke down in the middle of dinner that anyone really seemed to care much about her at all. She was devastated over the financial problems she and Peter are facing and worried about how they’ll pay for the wedding.

NeNe continued to get even uglier and more aggressive on this episode. I’ve always really liked NeNe, but lately she’s just been a troublemaker. She tried to get Cynthia to leave, but somehow Cynthia found her backbone and decided to stay.

In the end, they had Cynthia’s night complete with strippers who were clients of Phaedra (someone really needs to explain that). It appeared they had at least a tolerable time, and no punches were thrown. So there’s that.

Next week we’ll see if Cynthia actually walks down the aisle or runs the other way. She has called herself the runaway bride previously.

One final question: What the hell is up with those junior-high-looking ribbons Phaedra keeps tying in her hair?

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