Manuela Testolini Snagged a Man That Can Sing (Video)

Manuela Testolini and BenetManuela Testolini has gone from once being married to Prince (is it okay to call him that still?) to looking forward to a summer wedding with Halle Berry's ex-hubby, Eric Benet. She's a woman who likes a man that can sing. And OMG ... have you heard this man sing?

He proposed in November during a romantic dinner where he sang a song he'd written about her. Benet explains:

During a romantic dinner, I decided to finally let Manuela hear Never Want to Live Without You, a song off my new album that I had written for her. I sang it to her, then got down on one knee and proposed.

The two lovebirds are enjoying some alone time in Egypt, celebrating their engagement, and I bet giving Benet plenty of inspiration for new material.


Here's hoping he can live up to the beautiful words in his song, and manages to stay faithful ... because his track record isn't so great. For those of you that don't remember, Benet cheated on Berry, went to sex rehab, and the rest is history. But if someone sang this song to me I would most definitely melt into his arms.

Testolini and Benet have been together for nearly four years and since all of the dirty laundry is out there, presumably, this is something they've talked about. But really, only time will tell if a tiger can truly change his stripes.

Do you think a man (or woman) can change?  Or once a cheater, always a cheater?


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