Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee Thinks Kat Von D Is Crazy

michelle mcgeeWhen Michelle "Bombshell" McGee heard that Kat Von D intended to marry Jesse James, she sent the tattoo artist a clear message: "What in the world are you thinking?"

The heavily-inked model claims that Jesse is a cheater, has always been a cheater and will always be a cheater.

Now isn't that the slut calling the kettle black?


In an exclusive interview with Radaronline, McGee claims that she was extremely hurt by the Monster Garage star ... because as she sees it, Jesse cheated not only on Sandra Bullock, but on her, too. She dispatches a word of caution to Von D:

If he did it to me, if he did it to Sandra, he's gonna do it to you, too -- once a cheater always a cheater. He cheated on his wife, numerous times.

Um, yeah, James did screw around on his wife. But with you, Michelle. So now I'm confused. Did she really expect the married man she was sleeping with to be faithful? Is that how it works? Did I hear that correctly?

McGee reiterates the charges: "I was with Jesse during his marriage -- the guy's not faithful, he doesn't have a faithful bone in his body!"

The I-was-with-Jesse-during-his-marriage part kind of stuck a fork in the whole argument, dont'cha think?

Apparently, McGee is upset that she hasn't spoken to Jesse since the day after the scandal came out. (Didn't she break the news?) Maybe this is her way of getting back at him.

So while McGee may be right, I doubt Kat Von D will listen. McGee's words of warning are no better than Lindsay Lohan cautioning someone against having one more drink. Or any Jersey Shore housemate labelling another as loose.

What horrible famewhores these people are. No shame at all.

But what more can you expect from someone who sports "White Power" tattoos?

Do you think Kat Von D will listen to Michelle McGee's warning?

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