Justin Bieber: His Haircut Costs HOW Much?

Famed moptop Justin Bieber apparently showed up at the Golden Globes with a slightly different hairstyle, although I certainly didn't notice. To me it looked like it's always looked: like someone put a bowl on his head, went at it with a Flowbee, then pushed it all down over his face to cover an unfortunate forehead zit.

I seem to be in the minority on this opinion, though, because sites were buzzing about how the teen star had "thinned his fringe and gone for more texture" while strolling the red carpet.

Would you like to know what it costs to texturize Justin Bieber?



Seven. Hundred. And. Fifty. Dollars.

For what appears to be a long-haired guinea pig perched atop his head.

Vanessa Price is the personal stylist responsible for Justin Bieber's signature 'do, first giving him the cut back in 2009. She trims it every couple of weeks when he's on tour, so, okay, I'm not great at math but give me a second ... carry the one ... *grabs calculator* ... yeah, we're talking $1,500 per month for that mop.

Amusingly, Life & Style got a comparison quote for anyone looking to get Bieber's look. "It's the most popular boys' cut across the country," said Melanie Ash, senior artistic director for Supercuts. "Prices start at $14."

What do you think? Is Bieber getting his money's worth?

Image via Flickr/jake.auzzie

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