Roger Ebert Is Leading Comeback With His Chin

Roger EbertRoger Ebert, whose two-thumb movie reviews made him famous, is making a comeback after battling cancer for almost four years, and what a comeback he's making. He bravely showed the world his face after losing part of his jaw to cancer, but when he appears this Friday on his new show Roger Ebert Presents at the Movies, he's going to look a lot more like the man to whom we turned for movie advice for decades.

In an incredible two-year process, he worked with medical professionals to create a prosthetic chin that bears a remarkable resemblance to the one he had before cancer ravaged it. He wrote about all that was involved on his blog in a post titled "Leading With My Chin" and said the professionals he worked with "did a pretty wonderful damn job." Check out the photos of his new chin and see what you think. I'd definitely agree.


"I like my new prosthesis and know from observation their work was painstaking and done with love and care," he wrote.

He's such an incredible example of resilience and not letting tragedy take you down, for keeping your chin up (pun totally intended). He makes it clear too that he's not trying to trick anyone into thinking he's someone he's not.

"At the beginning of this process I assumed I would wear the new prosthesis whenever I left the house, so that nobody would know. But everybody knows. The photograph of me that appeared in Esquire even found its way onto billboards in China. And something else has happened since that day in the hospital: I accept the way I look. Lord knows I paid the dues."

He says wearing the new chin on the show, however, will serve as a "pleasant reminder" of the person he was for 64 years. Can't wait to see that guy -- with any chin -- back on our televisions.

The show, during which Ebert's segment will appear, will be co-hosted by Associated Press critic Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, who Entertainment Weekly calls "the luckiest 24-year-old in the world who was plucked out of near-obscurity" for the gig by Ebert. Here's to hoping the show does well, and viewers give it the thumbs up. 

What do you think of Roger Ebert's prosthetic chin?

Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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