Khloe Kardashian Channels Lady Gaga, But Why?

Wow, have you seen the recent cover of YRB Magazine? If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Khloe Kardashian has aspirations to be the next Lady Gaga.

First, Khloe dyed her hair red to distinguish herself from her sisters, but that lasted about two seconds. Her bosses thought viewers would be too confused by her new hair color (just goes to show you what producers think of reality TV fans) and ordered her to go back to her brunette roots pronto. Khloe complied, but it looks like she decided to express herself in another way. She turned on her Lady Gaga for the cover of YRB Magazine: S&M bondage gear and all.


Khloe recently posed for the lifestyle mag, which focuses on music, fashion, and art, and talked about the experience on her blog:

It’s so different from anything I’ve ever done, which was what made the shoot so fun for me! YRB is known for being very wild and crazy with the content they publish, so I jumped at the chance to work with them!

I'm calling your bluff, Klo. You want to step out into the lime light, and it's understandable. It started with the announcement of your own new reality show with Lamar (and without your sisters). And now, you're posing solo for YRB.

And of course, if you're gonna pose, then you've got to make a statement. You've gotta express yourself. Show everyone that you're your own person. Really, what else could you do to express your individuality but don a mask, a high-cut leotard, and studded stilettos? I mean, no one has done that ...

Well, at least no Kardashian anyway.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Khloe's bondage look. I liked (even envied) her classic brunette waves and her everyday style. She has some of the best designers hanging in her closet. So what's the point of posing in such a way that's so un-true to your look? Not to mention, I was kind of frightened when I first saw the mag's cover. Something about Khloe in a head cage reminds me of my younger neighbor's head gear back in elementary school. So is the look attractive on this 26-year-old? Not so much. 

What do you think about Khloe's look for YRB?

Image via YouTube

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