Morty Coyle to Marry Stephanie Tanner (er, Jodie Sweetin)

Jodie SweetinJodie Sweetin, who will forever be known as Stephanie Tanner, got a sweet surprise at her 29th birthday party Tuesday night -- a proposal from her boyfriend, Morty Coyle. Her friends there celebrating with them were in on the surprise and had decorated the tables with little jewels. But the biggest jewel was saved for Sweetin's finger.

And what jewels they are. The ring is bestowed with a "2 1/2-carat oval sapphire, surrounded by 18 diamonds in a snowflake shape." Sounds lovely, as does the way in which he proposed.

"It was a complete surprise," Sweetin, of Full House fame, told People. "We are just thrilled and I am in shock still! I was glad that everybody was there. People videotaped it, it was great."

Such happy news for the couple who welcomed their daughter, Beatrix, just about five months ago. But who is this guy, and would Danny Tanner approve? Sorry, just have so much trouble separating the two ...


He's a D.J. and currently works at a club in Los Angeles. According to IMDb, he's also worked a bit as an actor, even appearing on Beverly Hills 90210 in 1998. According to his MySpace page, he was born in Hollywood and loves music, comedy, and porn. Not sure that Mr. Tanner would like the last one, but otherwise he seems like a good guy who stood by Sweetin's side through some pretty difficult times during her battle with crystal meth and alcohol.

While the engagement is exciting, don't expect to see wedding pictures anytime soon. The couple intends to hold off until gays have the right to marry as well.

"We want to wait until there's equality for everybody to get married," Coyle said.

And Sweetin is just fine with that. "That's okay," she said. "We were absolutely committed before this, anyway. We're just so excited."

Can you tell she's really excited? Good for her, good for them. Still hard for me to believe that little Stephanie Tanner is grown and almost married with children.

Are you surprised to learn of Jodie Sweetin's engagement?


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