Meet George Watsky, The New Eminem (VIDEO)

Oh, I know: if someone raps AND they're white, they're automatically a wannabe Eminem or the female Eminem or the Canadian Eminem or whatever. But there's a reason I'm making the comparison between George Watsky and Marshall Mathers, and that's because they both have a truly unique ability to spit a phrase.

Well, and okay, George is also white and kinda nerdy-looking. Twinsies!


Watsky is one of the latest YouTube musical sensations, with his debut video (posted 2 days ago) currently up to over 550,000 views as of this writing. What's this guy's appeal? He basically raps like a cattle auctioneer on meth, effortlessly rattling out words at a speed akin to Busta Rhymes (and of course the aforementioned Em).

Twenty-three-year-old Watsky, known to the Internet by his rather literal video title, "Pale Kid Raps Fast," was discovered on the sixth season of Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry and was crowned the 2006 Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam Champion.

From his website:

"George Watsky is a writer and performer who believes in the equal power of the tear and the belly laugh. Born and raised in San Francisco and now based in Los Angeles, he aims to cross-pollinate the stage, screen, and stereo with work that speaks to both the humor and frustrations of modern life."

Uhhh, right. Whatever with your pollination, dude, let's just hear you rap some more, because it's pretty damn impressive.

Check out his amazing debut video, with helpful subtitles for those of us who can't quite listen that fast:

Do you think Watsky will continue to gain fame or be just another here-today gone-tomorrow YouTube kid?

Image via YouTube

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