Living Social Amazon Deal Almost Too Good to Be True

It seems Living Social uncovered something revolutionary today: People love The coupon and group deal-a-day website offered up $20 Amazon gift certificates for $10 today, and as of this printing, more than 630,000 people bought them.

It's easily the best day for Living Social, but it also makes sense. Usually those websites offer something you kind of always wanted to try -- sky diving, rock climbing, ice fishing, electrolysis -- and they offer it at such a price that you think why not? And then the deal rots in your inbox.

I currently have three Groupon sessions at a climbing wall, a month of yoga, and helicopter lessons that I just learned actually expired. What a ripoff. Always read the fine print, my friends. And as for the fine print on this Amazon one ...


There is no expiration! So, what's the catch? There is only one that I can see and that is that these cannot be gifted or purchased more than once.

So, who is buying with me?

Used wisely, this deal is genius. You can get almost anything there. This is probably why there is only one per customer. I could see purchasing 10 of them to get something that cost $200. Just in time for my daughter's birthday!

While most of the time I would say these group coupons are pointless because they entice you into buying things you never wanted in the first place and expire before you can use them, in this case, there is very little catch. Even if it's too good to be true, you're still only out $10. Meanwhile, when all this is said and done, Amazon will likely lose close to $1 million.

My guess is by the time the deal closes tomorrow at 8 a.m., more than 2 million will be sold.

Will you be participating in this deal? What will you get?

Image via Living Social

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