Taylor Corley 'Playboy' Pics May Get Cheerleader Canned

Taylor CorleyYou likely have never heard the name Taylor Corley, and you likely never would have had she not just gotten busted for posing in Playboy. Not because she was a minor or had something illegal involved in the shoot, but because she's a cheerleader at Mississippi State University. Go Bulldogs!

She reportedly used the name Taylor Stone when she did the shoot, and now her secret is out there -- really out there, with the pictures spreading like wildfire on the web. So what now? The school is considering what action, if any, they're going to take.


The school's code of conduct says it "will not police the personal lives of students on or off campus." So that would indicate they might not take action, and really they shouldn't. They should sit back and watch ticket sales spike and sell programs with her picture on it.

For now, she's still cheering, but there's quite a bit of speculation that they will take action against her, even rumors that she's been booted from the squad. Let's hope they're not true. Sure cheerleaders represent a school, but it's not like she took illegal booster money or participated in some sex hazing scandal like other college athletes have been known to do. And it's not like athletes taking nude pictures is anything new.

While it seems a little suspicious that she posed under another name, lots of models and actresses take stage names. And let's face it, Taylor Stone does sound sexier than Taylor Corley

Let's hope Mississippi shows some open-mindedness here and leaves this one alone. Corley simply took some pictures for a national magazine that some like (really like) and others think are immoral, but they in no way affect her ability to shake her pom poms.

If the university does choose to pursue the matter, then they should take action against any and all players that purchase or peruse any such magazines. Right?

Do you think Taylor Corley should be punished for posing in Playboy?


Image via sportsgrid

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