Facebook 'Stalker Tracker' Apps: Do They Work?

facebook stalker appHave you been tempted to install one of those Facebook "stalker" apps that claims to tell you who's been viewing your profile most frequently? What if we told you Facebook actually prevented any apps from accessing that information and reporting it to you?

It's hard to believe that Facebook is actually protecting your privacy, but it's true. None of those apps work.


I've grown to love Facebook (though not enough to pay for it, mind you Mark Zuckerberg), but just like any other social media platform, it can be manipulated in subversive ways. Zuckerberg and his team have eliminated much of the shenanigans that plagued MySpace by locking down what users and developers can do, but there's only so much they can do to alleviate user gullibility and ignorance.

Ars Technica breaks it down for the tech-impaired:

A recent app called Stalker Checker, for example, ended up showing you the users who were the most active on your Facebook account. So, if you had a friend who was constantly commenting on your wall posts and leaving "Likes" all over your images, he or she would show up on the Stalker Checker. If you had an ex-boyfriend who was visiting your page every day without leaving a trace, however, he would not show up on the Stalker Checker.

It's not just this particular app that doesn't work -- none of them do because Facebook does not make the information accessible that these apps claim to gather. So it makes you look silly and paranoid at best if you install one of these bogus apps. At worst, you've voluntarily compromised your Facebook profile privacy by allowing a nefarious app unfettered access to all of your restricted information.


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