Will Taylor Swift Recover From Her Split With Jake Gyllenhaal?

swiftTaylor Swift is broken-hearted and not bouncing back from her breakup with Jake Gyllenhaal as quickly as her friends would like her to.

Say it ain't so!

According to pals, the country singer hasn't quite recovered from her relationship with the handsome actor and is crying in her soup over the loss.

A confidante reports: "Taylor is not exactly a loner, but she fares well on her own and will be fine if she doesn't hook up with a guy immediately."

Um, it's been two weeks.


Swift, 21, started dating Gyllenhaal, 30, sometime in October. They conducted their love affair in multiple locations: Nashville, New York, London, and Big Sur are the most commonly reported. The Thanksgiving holiday was spent together at his sister, Maggie's, in Brooklyn.

When the pair broke holiday bread together, fans were thrilled. Yes! It must be love! They ate turkey and stuffing and pecan pie and she met his big sis! This has got to be the real thing, right?

But, alas, the duo spent Christmas in separate cities. Ditto New Year's. Fans rightfully began to question the couple's future. Finally, the relationship was publicly deemed kaput on January 4.

Reality check, people: Conducting a less-than-three-month romance on two separate continents doesn't exactly scream, "Soul mates!"

Yeesh. How close could they have been? Does the world now have to endure another break-up song from the Nashville songbird?

Do you think the depth of Swift's relationship with Gyllenhaal has been exaggerated?

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