Steven Tyler Finally Admits Cause of Stage Fall

Do you remember when Steven Tyler dramatically fell off the stage in 2009 during an Aerosmith concert, getting a bunch of injuries including a broken shoulder and 20 stitches in his head? There was some speculation at the time that he fell because he was high, but he explained away the stumble, saying,

"I was doing the Tyler shuffle and then I zigged when I should have zagged ... AND I slipped, and as I live on the edge ... I fell off the edge!"

Turns out that wasn't quite true. As he confessed to David Letterman last night, Tyler tumbled off the stage as the result of drug abuse.


What drug, you ask? Probably cocaine, right? Or a couple bottles of Cristal? Something rock-star-ish ... maybe just a lot of high-quality weed? Or maybe it was something more hardcore, since he was known for heavy drug and alcohol abuse in his past.

Wrong! Steven Tyler was high from snorting Lunesta. You know, "Sleep well on the wings of LUNESTA, a prescription sleep aid that helps the majority of people with insomnia get back to a good night's sleep"? The sleep drug with the flappy green butterfly?

Oh dear. Look, I know addiction isn't funny. But the idea of a big famous rock star snorting Lunesta kind of is. I mean really, didn't he read the fine print?

Anyway, here's hoping Tyler's troubles with drugs are behind him, especially now that he's landed that sweet new gig with American Idol. It sounds like he's got the right attitude:

"I should’ve been using my band because the band is the strongest drug I've ever had in my body and to be a part of." 


Image via CBS

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