Bye-Bye Regis Philbin, Hello ...

Regis Philbin and Kelly RipaAfter almost 25 years, Regis Philbin is going to retire from Live With Regis and Kelly. He made the announcement on the show this morning saying this will be his "last year on this show." It's such bittersweet news as he's been a morning staple for so long, but at 79 it's probably time for him to rest a little and for viewers to see some new blood with their morning coffee.

So the burning question becomes: Whose new blood do we want to see sitting beside the perky Kelly Ripa? It's got to be a man. There are too many women-only morning shows out there, and the banter between the sexes is nice. It should also be someone not too crazy to balance out Ripa's hyper nature. Here are a few they'll likely consider:


Sam Champion

The Good Morning America weatherman has filled in regularly on the show, and has done a nice job. He and Ripa would have a blast together.

Jeff ProbstJeff Probst

The Survivor host is likely a top contender. He's guest co-hosted numerous times, and there's some good energy between him and Ripa. Plus, those dimples! 

Jerry O'Connell

After his awesome "Blizzard Blast" dance on the show while hosting, he's got to be at least in the running.

Michael Gelman

Better known just as Gelman, he's done wonders for the show as executive producer. But perhaps it's time for him to spend more time in front of the camera? His dry wit could work with Ripa.

Ryan SeacrestRyan Seacrest

Why not, he does everything else. There have been rumblings for awhile that he's looking for a new daytime show too.

Jerry Seinfeld

He's been hilarious when he's filled in on past occasions. The only problem may be taking him seriously about much of anything.

Mark Consuelos

Besides the fact that he'd be a nice morning treat to look at each morning, he and Kelly are adorable together. Most husband-and-wife combos might be gag-worthy, but when Consuelos has hosted in the past, their rapport has been charming. Plus, when is the last time we saw a good husband-and-wife act on television, Sonny and Cher?

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Who would you like see replace Regis Philbin?

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