Prince William & Kate Middleton's Wedding Plans Upset the Queen

prince williamHer Majesty Queen Elizabeth issued quite a scolding to her grandson Prince William regarding the plans he has made for his upcoming wedding to Kate Middleton. While some of the Queen's objections pertain solely to tradition, most concern the logistics involved in his vision of events.

She's not just being a stuffy old busybody; Her Majesty has planned more than a few royal weddings, and she understands the limitations of staff and venues, as well as the time required to pull off such massive productions without a hitch. The Queen isn't just royalty -- she could be a professional event planner. You know, as long as every event involved her staff and Buckingham Palace.


As a project manager by trade (and a woman who's dealt with my share of men who try to stuff ten pounds of crap in a one pound bag -- figuratively, of course), I can't help giggling at the frustration the Queen must feel, seeing Prince Charles and Prince William writing checks that Buckingham Palace and its staff can't cash. As explained in the Huffington Post:

Buckingham Palace only has one kitchen set up for formal occasions. Even with all the staff and help, it will take hours to set up the wedding breakfast reception. So by the time that reception is finished at around 3:30pm in the afternoon, all the fine china and crystal have to be cleared, hand-washed, and reset, and then another multi-course meal prepared for several hundred more guests just a few hours later for dinner.

Only a couple of guys who've never hand washed a single silver spoon in all their lives would think such a turn-around was possible.

The Queen is also piqued over other details we commoners must navigate when planning weddings. She doesn't approve of Kate traveling by car to Westminster Abbey, nor is she pleased with the idea of a buffet lunch reception. Her Majesty is also balking at the guest list -- the royal version of the father of the bride bellowing: "Who the hell are all these people and why am I paying to feed them?!"

I would bet that Kate Middleton hasn't uttered one word of input regarding the wedding plans. Not that I blame her; it wouldn't much matter what she thought anyway. Becoming a princess meant relinquishing control over her own wedding day. Think of that when you're tempted to grouse about the wedding day concessions you had to make to appease your own mother-in-law.


Image via Rob the moment/Flickr

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