Sarah Michelle Gellar Comes Back to Give Us a 'Buffy' Fix?

sarah michelle gellarActress Sarah Michelle Gellar is ready to make a switch from her current role as new mommy of one year old Charlotte Grace and occasional feature actress back to prime-time TV! Don't get too excited. It's not as Buffy.

The 33-year -old actress signed on to play the lead role in a new pilot called Ringer.  She won't be slaying vampires, instead, some big burly mob guys will be looking to slay her!

Ringer, which CBS announced yesterday it has picked up as a pilot, is about a troubled young woman, an identical twin, who assumes the identity of her rich sister. Come to find out, the rich sister has a bounty on her head from the mob, so now she's on the run.

Sounds intriguing, and fun, especially since Gellar will get to play the parts of both sisters, a la Parent Trap.

But will any of us really ever think of Gellar as anyone else besides Buffy the Vampire Slayer? And will we ever stop hoping she'll return to the role someday?


Possible, but a difficult adjustment, which is why this is a good move for Gellar. It's time. For all of us. She hasn't done much of anything onscreen since Buffy the Vampire Slayer wrapped in 2003, except for some obscure, unsuccessful cable projects that most people never heard of.  

Ringer is written by Supernatural writer-producers Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder, so expect some of those dark scenes that we are all accustomed to seeing Gellar in, just minus the smoldering sex appeal of David Boreanaz or the sexual tension/repulsion supplied by James Marsters. No word yet on her hottie counterpart in this series, should it get picked up permanently, but the guy has some serious testosterone-laden shoes to fill, let me tell ya.

Are you excited to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back on TV?

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