New Astrological Dates: It's All B.S. Anyway, So Why Do You Care?

So a couple days ago you were a Scorpio and now you're a Libra and you're super pissed because you are SO A SCORPIO, you are the definition of a Scorpio, there's no way in hell you're a Libra, and this whole thing is totally bunk.

Yes. Yes it is.

Here's the thing: astrology isn't real. The reason you think it works is the same reason people get excited over fortune tellers. Basically, people will almost always rate sets of statements as highly accurate for them personally—even though the statements could apply to many people.


It's called the Forer effect, after psychologist Bertram R. Forer. Through an experiment he developed in 1948 that has been repeated hundreds, if not thousands of times since (always with similar results), he proved he could convince students he could successfully read their character. His accuracy amazed the students, though his analysis was taken from a newsstand astrology column and was presented to people without regard to their sun sign. 

Let me take a look at my horoscope for today. Here's an Aquarius prediction:

Now is a great time for a family reunion or any event at which you can reminisce. Today is perfect for comparing the present to the past — and maybe figuring out what you want to do in the future.

OMFG! My husband's brother is visiting tonight. This thing KNOWS me!

But wait, here's the horoscope for Leo:

Too much of a good thing is all too easy to find today, so try to limit yourself to just enough and no more. Life gets more expansive in the near future, and you want to have energy enough to handle it!

Dude, I've been trying to stick to a diet lately and I've been struggling with it. This thing KNOWS me!

Or ... not.

We live in an uncertain world and it's in our nature to cling to beliefs that helps us make sense of things. (Hello, all religions of the world.) People are biased, people are hopeful. There's nothing wrong with enjoying astrology ... but let's be real: it's for entertainment purposes only.

Still convinced you're the very embodiment of your sign and your readings? Check out this video and remember, so were they.

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