Christina Hendricks 'Playboy' Photos: Reverse Victim of Photoshop?

christina hendicks playboy photosThanks to Playboy tweeting an old photo of Mad Men's Christina Hendricks from its July 1999 issue, the entire Internet is now speculating as to whether her legendary curves are, in fact, real.

In a culture that glamorizes emaciated, flat-chested body types, Hendricks has been an inspiration for women everywhere for her ravishing, hour-glass, size 14 figure. It's no wonder, then, that these photos -- which show her chest to be considerably smaller -- and the implant speculation that followed were surprising and even disappointing to some of her biggest fans.

But I'm happy to report that we here at The Stir have solved the mystery of the shrinking breasts and it has nothing at all to do with augmentation ...


If you look at this early video of Hendricks also from 1999 -- this really is investigative journalism at its finest -- you can clearly see that certain body parts in the photo above have most definitely been shrunk. (Here's another reason why the implant speculation is completely ludicrous: Women's bodies change over time. It's totally reasonable that certain parts of Hendricks changed as she grew to her lovely size during the last 12 years.)

Now, typically Photoshop is used to make females skinnier -- read: better -- in the mainstream media. But in the case of Hendricks, there's nothing to be gained by her being smaller. In fact, I think it's fair to claim the following statement: She's a reverse victim of Photoshop!

(And even if we're completely wrong and she's had a little work, who cares? Hendricks is still as hot and as talented as ever. Moving right along ...)

Image via Twitter

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