Ted Williams: Will Rehab Shut Up the Smooth-Talking Alcoholic?

Ted Williams
Ted Williams
Some of the most charming, smooth-talking people I've ever met are full-blown alcoholics, and overnight star Ted Williams sure fits the bill. Even with almost 10 years of sobriety under my belt and knowing a little about how grueling "the disease" can be, I totally believed Ted Williams when he looked into the camera and told us he had two years' sober. Not so, in fact. Williams' family and Dr. Phil outed ongoing drinking problem on the The Dr. Phil Show.

Now Williams is off to rehab, thanks to Dr. Phil. Let's just hope all that his incessant smooth talking doesn't lead him to blow this second chance at life and the even bigger, more critical opportunity for getting real and getting sober.


Everyone stopped and listened as the man with the "golden voice" started showing up all over the web and TV. Who doesn't love a feel-good "homeless addict makes good" story like his? Besides his charm and grace before the camera pulled us all right in. We were rooting for him bigtime.

But charm, smooth talking, and manipulation are what many really talented alcoholics are best at. It's just one more way they cover up the reality of their dire situations and the painful emotional stuff inside. Let's face it. If alcoholics were good at facing reality and seeing the truth before their eyes, they wouldn't drink so damn much.

Here's a clip of his tearful farewell:

Are you buying it? Do you think he's really hit bottom? Because when I watch that clip, all I think is Dude, who cares how your grandkids act, let's focus on your crappy life and the fact that you're off to rehab to really look at why you ended up sleeping under a bridge. And when he starts crying, saying he's going to miss the folks at ET, I think, Dude, that's nice and all, but the reality is you're crying because you don't want to get out of the limousine and figure out why you drink so much. Because who would really want to trade flash celebrity life for rehab? None of the alcoholics I know ... Ten years ago, I'd be thinking, hell yes, this could make for lots of free booze!

So enough with the bullshit, Ted. Let's get real. We believe you're a good guy down deep inside, so stop trying to prove it. Stop trying to look pretty. Stop trying to candy coat every minute of your life. And please, STOP TALKING. It's time to get ugly, in fact, really frickin' ugly. It's the ugly stuff that leads us to drink ourselves into a numb oblivion, but the only way out is through it.

Gosh, I may be even more tougher love than Dr. Phil.

What do you think? Am I being to harsh? Do you really think Ted Williams is ready to stop drinking and face a sober reality?


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