Breaking News: New Zodiac Signs Are All a Crock!

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Today much of the world's blood pressure went through the roof with news that our astrological signs as we know them are all wrong. People were ready to end relationships, remove tattoos, and hawk heirloom jewelry because of a "new" report that the earth has moved on its axis and is now out of line with the stars. But astrologers are calling the new zodiac signs 2011 bogus and say we all panicked for nothing.

In an article titled "Here We Go Again With the 'Zodiac Is Wrong' Scam," astrologer Rob Brezsny explains how this isn't the first time panic has set in about zodiac changes, and why it's ridiculous.

"News Flash: The zodiac isn't wrong. Your sign isn't changing. Ignore the misinformation."

Oh how I want to believe him and go back to my Gemini status, but how can he dispute the sage wisdom of scientists?

He says it happens about once a year, and minces no words about how he feels about scientists meddling in astrology. He specifically calls out Parke Kunkle from the Minnesota Planetarium Society, who's behind the recent bout of hysteria.

"I understand that scientists like him would prefer not to lower themselves to the task of actually doing research about how astrology works. But if they're going to question its foundations, they should at least learn it well enough to know what they're talking about."

He says Western astrologers don't do their work based on stars, but rather on "the patterns of planets and the moon as they pass through 12 zones defined by the relationship between the Earth and sun." He said while the zones have the same names as constellations, they're not related to them. Therefore, no one's sign needs to change.

And Brezsny is right, this has happened before. In October 2007, Live Science published an article titled "Your Astrological Sign May Not Be What You Think It Is." It basically contained the same information we're panicking about today, but for some reason didn't erupt into mass hysteria like today. I'm guessing that has something (or everything) to do with the growth of social media like Facebook and Twitter. How many posts about the new zodiac signs of 2011 and Ophiuchus did you see today?

So, phew! It sounds like we can all relax, and go back to our original signs and personalities if we choose to believe astrologers. Gemini, I'm back! But if you were digging your new sign and choose the more scientific opinion of astronomers, then have at it. And if on a day you don't particularly like your horoscope, feel free to choose the other one.

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