Matt Bellamy & Kate Hudson: 5 Signs They Will Last

Right now Matt Bellamy may be best known as Kate Hudson's rumored baby daddy, but he is also a talent in his own right and has a bit more in common with Hudson than her ex, Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson.

The two have been dating for about nine months and his band, Muse, is best known for their song "Uprising." In that sense, he is certainly more political than Hudson's ex-boyfriend, who was talented, but not politically motivated in his music.

Among Bellamy's lyrics:

They will not force us. And they will stop degrading us. And they will not control us. We will be victorious.

A bit heavy for Goldie Hawn's daughter, but it still makes sense. After all, the two are similar. Here are some ways:

  • They both have famous parents: Hudson is the daughter of famous comedic actress Goldie Hawn and Bellamy's father was the guitarist for the band The Tornadoes.
  • They are both hot: Unlike Robinson, Bellamy is smoking hot. He and Ryder will make a very attractive couple.
  • They are both dedicated to their craft: Bellamy is so dedicated to his music that he designs and makes his own guitars. Meanwhile Hudson does similar things, even getting certified to scuba dive so she could do her own work in Fool's Gold.
  • She is used to musicians: She was married to one, she played a groupie in her most famous movie Almost Famous, and now it looks like she is about to have a baby with another one.
  • Both struggled and worked to get where they are: Hudson's initial movies -- Gossip and 200 Cigarettes -- didn't take off. Bellamy's band Muse was the last in a number of bands he was in previously, including Carnage Mayhem and Gothic Plague.

Now that Hudson is older and wiser, it seems like she will probably be more equipped for long-term happiness. Also, unlike Robinson, who was 13 years Hudson's senior, Bellamy is her age, which is always a recipe for success.

Do you think they will last?


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