Did Camille & Kelsey Grammer Share Dresses?

grammerCamille Grammer took the low road in her divorce battle when she appeared on Howard Stern's radio show this morning and intentionally accidentally spilled a secret about her soon-to-be-ex, Kelsey.

Tsk tsk. Divorce is so ugly.

So what did she say?


Mr. Grammer is currently starring as a cross dresser in La Cage Aux Folles on Broadway. When Stern -- like any other 12-year-old boy -- wondered aloud if the former Frasier star was straight, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member told him that she believed that her hubs was truly hetero, but added that he probably enjoyed the show for another reason.

Wink wink.

Of course Stern's co-host Robin Quivers jumped on the remark and inquired as to whether Kelsey likes to dress up like a woman. Camille responded to the question with a flimsy, less than persuasive, "I'm not saying it."

As in, "He really loves to wear my underwear okay so he did once and we're going through this divorce and I'm really really pissed so what better way to get back at him and that skank than by sort of accusing him of something unbelievably embarrassing and watch him have to fight back to clear his name oh God isn't this great he's gonna be so pissed."

That kind of not saying it.

I'm no fan of Camille or Kelsey and frankly think they're both narcissistic tools. But I feel for their kids Mason and Jude. Mason is already 8. Even if she has no access to the Internet now, she will soon.

How would you like it if you googled your parents and found out that your dad is a cross dresser and your mom is a porn star? And that your dad impregnated a flight attendant while your mom was taking part in a reality show that depicts her as being a nasty, vapid flake?

My guess is they won't like it. Not one bit.


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