Verizon iPhone Gives Jon Stewart a 'Twinkle in His Pants'

jon stewartWho's the person most excited about the iPhone coming to Verizon? It's got to be Jon Stewart. He's practically peeing in his pants.

The Daily Show host spent more than seven minutes (of a 30-minute show) celebrating yesterday's big announcement. Is he Verizon's newest spokesperson? I'm definitely wondering after seeing the clip.

Just when you thought all the "AT&T sucks" jokes had already been used up years ago, Stewart comes through with some real zingers. Here are some of the funnier digs he took at AT&T:


First, he coins a phrase I think people will use to describe the iPhone under AT&T for years to come:

For the past three or four years, those of us in the iPhone community have sacrificed one thing for the ability to carry around every photo we've ever taken or every song we've ever listened to ... or compass. We've sacrificed the ability to make phone calls. For years we've been struggling with the world's most popular almost phone.

Then, he explains how he's learned to cope with having an iPhone all these years -- a scenario that I'm sure many, many New Yorkers can relate to:

I've not only had to carry my iPhone but a second phone that I would use as a phone.

Me too, Jon! In fact, I wouldn't be able to talk to the outside world were it not for my work and home phones.

The funniest part of the clip, however, is when he sends a text message with his iPhone -- a process that involves employing a human pageboy to personally bring his iPhone to text recipient Stephen Colbert. Hilarious. I guess he hates that red exclamation point as much as I do.

To watch the full clip of Jon Stewart's iPhone-Verizon love fest, click the link.

Are you as excited about the iPhone coming to Verizon as Jon Stewart is?

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