The 6 Most Well-Endowed Men in Hollywood

Women wear push-up bras and no one judges them, why can't men wear push-up ... underwear? Designer Andrew Christian apparently pondered that very question and answered recently by revealing his new Shock Jock Flirt Brief with Male Features ($29).

Complete with built-in goodies, the cup adds up to 2 inches to a man's ... frontal measurement. The company proudly talks up the fact that the undies are 90 percent cotton and come in different styles and colors. Yup, that's what we're all focused on here, alrighty -- the fabric and color options.

We wonder if the celebrities below were lucky enough to get advanced samples of Christian's "Flirty Brief" to test out, but being that some of these photos predate the product, our guess is NO. These are just six hot dudes with naturally big packages.

Do you see any evidence of plastic here?


1. Nate Berkus
Oprah's right hand man and interior designer likes to wear his pants a little snug, and it's hard not to notice the protruding bulge. No, really -- I mean it. And we're not the only ones noticing the size of his package. It's your lucky day! It's a continuous loop of close-ups of Nate's package for your viewing pleasure. 


2. Tommy Lee
Many a woman have seen Tommy Lee's wee-wee after the sex tape that was released with then-wife Pamela Anderson. Lee's passionate about all wee-wees, apparently -- even those belonging to whales. The activist wrote an angry letter to Sea World after finding out about how it harvests whale sperm.


Tyson Beckford

3. Tyson Beckford
Is there a more perfect Polo advertisement? Beckford, a model from Jamaica and host of Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel, is my epitome of hot. I mean look at those muscles. And have tattoos EVER looked that sexy?


4. Matthew McConaughey
Matty's not just an avid workout fiend, he's also apparently packing something under his shorts -- he's totally on our free pass list. Although he's not one to brag about his package, I'm not sure if I've ever seen this stud photographed with his shirt on.


David Beckham

5. David Beckham
Vic, you are one lucky lady (with a baby on the way!). There's no denying that Beckham's packing, especially after the steamy series of ads the soccer star did for Armani Underwear. Can you say 14-pack!?


6. Jared Leto
I have never seen camouflage pants look so good. This 30 Seconds to Mars frontman is the perfect example that big things come in small packages. Even Playgirl was asking him to pose for their pages (he declined).

What do you think of underwear with built-in goodies?

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