Will Charlie Sheen Ever Grow Up?

Charlie SheenWhat's it going to take for Charlie Sheen to clean up his act? It's an act that's getting old and warrants more than just an eye roll at his bad boy ways. Most recently, he went missing, according to TMZ, who reported that while he was supposed to be on the set of Two and a Half Men this morning, he was still in Las Vegas where he went on an "epic bender" with porn stars.

Apparently, he's since been "found" and is headed back to Los Angeles to discuss his weekend antics in which he was seen swilling vodka and complaining about CBS execs wanting him to go back to rehab. Wonder why? He also reportedly shacked up with not just one, but three women who were in sin city for a porn convention. One of them is reportedly Bree Olsen, 23, who was a nanny for the Kardashians ... or at least played one on TV for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Same story, different girls ...


Just this past October he was found naked and drunk in a New York hotel room with a prostitute/porn star. At the time, his rep claimed he had an allergic reaction to some medication, but we didn't buy it then, and there's not much we'll buy this time other than his need to grow up once and for all.

When watching him on Two and Half Men, he seems so great and funny and together, but clearly he's a good actor, because over the years he's just continued to sabotage his life. And there's nothing funny about it.

Over the holidays, a rumor about his death from a snowboarding accident was circulating. Thankfully, it turned out to be a hoax, but at the time I read the reports, I was struck with such sorrow that this talented actor had wasted so many years destroying himself only to have his life cut short by a freak accident. If he doesn't stop and get the help he so desperately needs, he's going to cut his own life short -- accidentally or not.

Bad boys are one thing, but Sheen isn't a boy anymore. He's a 45-year-old man with children who needs to grow up and get the help he needs.

What do you think it will take for Charlie Sheen to finally get the help he needs?

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