Jade Duell: Who She Is & Which Famous Actor's Baby She's Having

Owen WilsonJade Duell -- you may not know her name now, but you will soon as she's pregnant and due "any day" with the baby of none other than Owen Wilson. That's right, Owen Wilson is going to be a daddy.

Exciting news, but we didn't even know he was dating anyone. And uh, who is Duell? No one seems to know much about her, but here's what we've learned so far:


The couple has been dating for about a year, and according to a statement from their publicist, they "are happy to be expecting a baby." Well, that's good. No wonder he didn't bite when Kate Hudson tried to get back with him earlier this year.

The birth will take place in Hawaii, where Duell currently lives, and the blessed event will be "as natural as possible." Sounds lovely and peaceful, I can hear the ukulele music in the background now.

The couple has kept a pretty low profile, obviously. Sheri uncovered some pictures of Wilson swimming with a woman in Hawaii that could be her, but we'll perhaps have to wait and "meet" baby and mama at the same time when they're ready to make their debut.

Regardless, how wonderful for Wilson to find love and start a family after a couple of rough years, including his painful breakup with Kate Hudson and suicide attempt. Perhaps with someone who is so removed from the spotlight that no one can even find her, like Duell, he's found some solace and will hopefully continue to build a happy life with his new family. Congratulations to them.

Are you surprised to learn that Owen Wilson is having a baby with his girlfriend?

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