'Top 50 Women on the Web' List Is Mean

Top 50 Women on the WebCOEDMagazine.com has come up with a list of The 50 Most Popular Women on the Web, which isn't all that interesting in and of itself. It contains all the usual suspects you'd assume people are searching for -- Lady Gaga is number one, followed by Ke$ha, Madonna, Beyonce, and Rihanna. Plus, it was published last April, so why is the Internet abuzz with it now?

Well, apparently instead of teasing the article with the fact that Betty White and Pamela Anderson were neck-in-neck for votes they should have highlighted who came in at number seven because THAT is surprising. Any guesses?


JUSTIN BIEBER. Yes, it's a list of women, so why the hell is he the lone male on the list? Since they don't really give any explanation, we're left to our own musings as to why they chose to include him ... none of which are particularly nice.

I can't believe I'm going to defend Justin Bieber, but that's just a pretty low blow for any 16-year-old boy, no matter how famous he is and how many girls are fawning over him. And really what 16-year-old boy doesn't look at least a little effeminate? He's a pretty boy, but I certainly have never thought he looks like a girl. Even if it was some weird Google glitch that included him, they could have removed him from the final list.

Attacking his sexuality really goes too far, but everyone seems to feel free to take their shot.

The New York Daily News points to website Lesbians Who Look Just Like Justin Bieber where lesbians post pictures of themselves looking just like The Biebs.They call themselves Biebians. Comedians can't resist either.  

"Justin looks like a lesbian," comedienne Joan Rivers told HollywoodLife.com. "I'm the wrong age … I swear to God he looks like a friend of Chaz Bono's."

It's one thing to mock Justin for his style or his voice or lack of talent, but it's another to call him a woman. And while fame comes with a cost, and he'll hopefully just laugh this off, it's unfortunate that he should have to. Plus, can you imagine how pissed off Kim Kardashian is that she came in so far behind him at number 23?

Do you think it's mean to put Justin Bieber on the list of the Top 50 Women on the Web? Do you think he looks like a woman?

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