Elvis Presley Birthday Today: How the World Is Celebrating

Elvis PresleyIf Elvis Presley was still alive, he would turn 76 today. Of course, some believe he is still alive as conspiracy theories continue to circulate. But dead or alive, we can all agree that the King continues to influence music and culture long after the days in which he shocked and forever changed the world with his shaking hips and blue suede shoes.

And so today the world celebrates and pays homage to him. In big ways and in small people are acknowledging that, at least in some sense of the word, Elvis lives. Here's a sampling of how people are celebrating:


Chilean Miner Sings at Graceland

Edison Pena, one of the miners who was trapped underground for 69 days, had a burning wish to visit Graceland to pay homage to his favorite all-time singer who helped him get through the ordeal. So this week, he walked the grounds of Graceland and sang his heart out to "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Hound Dog." Check him out:

Elvis Food

From fried peanut butter sandwiches to an Elvis cupcake, restaurants are serving up plenty of fare in honor of The King. The Huffington Post did a great roundup of some of the best Elvis foods in New York. The Elvis Empanada sounds particularly amazing -- deep-fried peanut butter and bananas, yum!


Graceland is, of course, having a blowout celebration that started last week and will continue throughout the weekend. It includes everything from free birthday cake to Elvis Bingo. Lest you feel left out if you can't make it to Memphis, you can watch the live Gracelandcam to get some glimpses of the events.

Viva Las Vegas

Vegas is, of course, brimming with Elvis activities today, including impersonators galore, as well as the newest Cirque du Soleil show, “Viva Elvis."

How are you celebrating Elvis Presley's birthday?

Image via elvis.com


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