Who Played Elvis Presley Best: Kurt Russell or Jack White?

Elvis PresleyIt takes more than just a sequined jacket and a ton of hair gel to imitate The King. You have to ooze sex and style from your veins, replicate his saucy, mumbling voice, and shake those hips like there's no tomorrow. Elvis Presley himself starred on the big screen numerous times, but he was such an icon that even to this day, films use him as a character.

Since it's Elvis's 76th birthday, we're comparing two actors who have starred as the King in major motion picture roles: Kurt Russell and Jack White.







It's hard to argue Kurt Russell's depiction of The King in the 2001 film 3000 Miles to Graceland being anything less than the best. Even though the movie didn't do so well, it basically felt like we were watching Elvis on the screen himself. Kurt had the dance moves, the voice, and that sexy side snarl thing going on.

But, as great as Kurt's performance was, I can't help but love Jack White's over-dramatized Elvis in the spoof Walk Hard. You try mumbling "oneumanight lilbitahoney ana lilbita junebug" accurately without people going "What the f--- did he just say?"

Warning: F-bomb at the end of clip.

Which one do you think did a better Elvis impersonation?


Image via Luiz Fernando/Flickr

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