Prince William Drinks Raw Milk & Doesn't Die

dairy cow

In the U.S. and Canada, the raw milk debate rages. Should it be legal? Is it safe? Should small farmers be able to sell it to individuals? At farmers' markets? At grocery stores? Who will regulate it? Raw milk has been described as the "sexy bad boy of the dairy industry" as consumers try to get their hands on the oft-maligned milk.

But a few other famous boys are raw milk drinkers, too (no, not the Jonas Brothers). The world's most famous groom-to-be, Prince William, and his brother Prince Harry are raw-milk drinkers on occasion, although I doubt the creamy beverage will be served at Wills' royal wedding to Kate Middleton this spring.


Turns out that Queen Elizabeth is a big fan of unpasteurized milk. She even has her own herd of cows that produce the milk she drinks. While Wills and Harry were attending school at Eton, the queen regularly had milk from her Windsor herd delivered to her grandsons, as the school is close to Windsor Castle.

If I were Wills and Kate, while I wouldn't want raw milk on my wedding reception menu, I'd definitely include some delicious raw milk cheese as part of my spread. But it certainly is interesting that Canada outlaws a food product their official head of state fully embraces, a fact I'm sure hasn't escaped Canadian raw-milk activists.


Image via royalty-free-images/Flickr

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