Britney Spears' New Single Endorsed by a Music Legend

britney spearsA demo from Britney Spears' forthcoming album is making the rounds this morning -- I refuse to insult everyone's intelligence and pretend it was accidentally "leaked" -- and already the new single is getting tons of buzz.

A lot of fans have been oh-so-quick to point out that the song, "Don't Hold It Against Me," doesn't sound anything like Britney. And guess what? That's because it's not her singing. Singer/songwriter Bonnie McKee is actually featured on the demo.

I think the tune is going to be epic -- so far it's got dancy, thumping beats with a catchy, emotional hook but still plenty of that bubblegum pop-iness that we count on Britney to deliver time and time again. But if you don't want to take my word for it, then maybe this praise from a music legend will be enough to convince you ...


None other than Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D, who shares a management team with the pop star, thinks the new album due out in March is Britney's greatest work to date. Here, he waxes poetically about how you can play her tracks in the club or in the car:

Her album is amazing -- like, I can't even believe it ... Everyone's steering towards dance and everything like that, and she's like, right there. That's how I judge good music, is where I'm gonna play it. Like, "alright, I'll play that in the car or I can play that in the club." You can definitely play her stuff in the club. Although, she has some tracks you can play in the car, too.

Like, so there you have it folks: A ringing endorsement from an industry professional.

What do you think of Britney's new single?

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