Which Job Should Ted Williams Accept?

Ted WilliamsJust a few weeks ago, Ted Williams was standing along an Ohio highway, homeless, holding a sign telling passersby about his God given talent as a radio announcer who happened to have fallen on hard times. But after Columbus Dispatch photographer Doral Chenowerth took the time to give the man a platform, America listened. The YouTube video of Ted's amazing "golden voice" went viral, and his story melted the hearts of people everywhere. After several television and radio appearances, the man who couldn't find a job now has a slew of job offers to choose from. Here are just a few of his options:


Cleveland Cavaliers: The NBA basketball team was one of the first to jump on the Ted Williams bandwagon and immediately offered him a full-time voiceover position, even launching a website to help persuade him to accept. 

Quicken Loans: Along with the Cavs, he would also do voice work for Quicken Loans (who is headed up by the same company). On top of the job contract, they offered to buy him a home.

MTV: Allegedly, the network is in discussion to do a reality series with Mr. Williams, and during a radio interview, an executive producer also offered to fly him out to L.A. to be a guest announcer for an episode of one of their comedy shows.

America's Next Top Voice: The top two voiceovers in the business are producing a competition show to find America's top voice talent, and they offered to fly him to Hollywood to be a contestant. The winner receives a contract with an agent and home studio.

Inside Edition: Offered him a job to do some announcing. In his promo to them during a radio show, he even said, "For the best in sleazy reporting!" And they still want him! Awesome!

Ohio Credit Union League: Gave Ted $10,000 cash as a gift, as well as a deal for voicework.

ESPN: Reportedly has offered him a job.

Kraft: After filming his appearance on the Today show, Williams apparently voiced an ad for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. The ad will premiere on ESPN on Sunday night during the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco, the culmination of Kraft’s Huddle to Fight Hunger Campaign.

Hilo, Hawaii Tourism: Offered him a free vacation trip to the paradise so that he can voice a commercial.

Which job do you think Ted should take?


Image via YouTube

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