Jaime Pressly Is Latest Star to Get Ugly Mug Shot

Actress Jaime Pressly is in a heap of trouble after she was stopped for a traffic violation, arrested, and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Another celebrity getting a DUI is no big shock, but the mug shot at left looks nothing like the star of movies like I Love You, Man. Famous for her good looks, Pressly only confirms the theory that no matter how hot you are, no one takes a good mug shot.

Pressly, 33, was driving in Santa Monica at about 11 p.m. January 5 when she was pulled over for a traffic violation, which led to her arrest.

Tell me: Where was she drinking looking like that? Of course, she isn't alone. Don't believe me? Consider the evidence:


Tracey Gold: This mom of three was arrested in September 2004 after rolling her SUV down a California freeway embankment while her husband and all three children were strapped inside, too. She is lucky to have made it out alive and looks appropriately horrified in her mug shot.

Hugh Grant: Oh, Hugh. It still depresses me even 15 years later to see you looking so awful after being caught with a hooker's lips around your penis in a car. How could you? I'm still bitter. Even Love, Actually hasn't dulled the pain.

Vince Vaughn: In 2001, Vince was arrested for having a brawl outside a club, and although in 2001 this was a bad photo of him, in 2011 it may actually be slightly better than he looks.

Nick Nolte: In 2001, he was arrested for a DUI. Wearing this. With this hair. Looking like he did in Down and Out in Beverly Hills. Is it some form of extreme narcissism to have your life imitate your own art?

Michael Jackson: By far, the most terrifying mug shot in history, this is the stuff that haunts your dreams. Not only was the King of Pop arrested in 2003 on suspicion of child molestation, he also looked like that. Any questions?

Which is the worst mug shot?


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