Chilling Michael Jackson Death Details Emerging

A third day of testimony has begun as a judge decides whether Dr. Conrad Murray will face trial for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, and the details of Jackson's final moments are being revealed.

Yesterday, Jackson chef Kia Chase described how Murray had raced downstairs in a panic and asked her to send Jackson's oldest son and the security guard upstairs. Chase said that the housekeepers and other staff held hands and prayed, while Jackson's two oldest children, Prince and Paris, briefly watched from a bedroom doorway as Murray tried to revive their father.

Security guard Alberto Alvarez testified that Jackson's daughter Paris—just 11 at the time—screamed as she saw the failed attempts to revive the dying singer, falling to her knees crying, "Daddy!"


Along with her brother Prince, 12, she bore witness to Jackson lying motionless on his bed with his mouth and eyes open as Murray performed chest compressions, before Murray yelled at Alvarez to “get them out! Get them out! Don't let them see their father like this.”

Alvarez says Murray told him to get rid of medical supplies before calling an ambulance. He recalled: “I said, ‘Dr Murray, what happened?’ And he said, ‘He had a reaction. He had a bad reaction.’” According to Alvarez, Murray then "grabbed a handful of bottles, or vials, and he instructed me to put them in a bag.”

Prosecutors say Murray waited 21 minutes after realizing Jackson was not breathing before asking Alvarez to call for an ambulance.

What a tragic story, made even worse by the fact that MJ's kids basically watched him die right before their eyes. It sure sounds to me like this case is going to go to trial, what do you think?

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