If You Won Mega Millions, Would You Go Public?

Since I live in Washington State AND we bought a Mega Millions ticket, I feel I must confess up front that I am not, in fact, the winner of the shared $380 million jackpot.

Because if I was, would I be sitting here writing this article right now? Hell no, friends. I'd be too busy surfing superexpensivefat-assmansions.com and lining up all the diamond-encrusted yoga pants I was going to buy.

I'll tell you what else I wouldn't be doing: telling the whole world I won $190 million (well, before taxes anyway). The mysterious Washington winner feels otherwise, though, and as of this afternoon he will no longer be a mystery, because he plans to come forward at a 2 p.m. PST news conference today.


The as-yet unidentified Washington state lottery winner bought the ticket at a Safeway store in the small town of Ephrata. It went to a retired man who will be bringing his family (his immediate family, I presume, although I would also guess he will suddenly have LOTS AND LOTS more family in the days to come) to claim the winnings.

The lucky guy hand-picked the magic numbers at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, and also bought another ticket that won $150.

Maybe he wants to confess that he's a huge Lost fan? After all, the Mega Millions lucky numbers are creepily similar to the ones that haunted Lost fans for six seasons. Or maybe he just wants to share his amazing, awesome news instead of the probably-impossible task of keeping it a secret.

In the meantime, the Idaho winner is still a mystery, although Kevin Anderson, of the town of Melba, had five of the six numbers on his ticket, so he'll get $250,000 before taxes.

What would you do if you won Mega Millions? Come forward, or keep quiet?

Image via MegaMillions.com

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