Cee Lo Kicks Gwyneth Paltrow's Soul Singing Butt (Video)

Cee Lo Green may have made the song famous, but Gwyneth Paltrow's version of it on Glee took it over the top. It's the song of 2010, but we can't even write it here without special characters. Now, Cee Lo and Gwyneth are teaming up to sing it together as a duet on SNL and fans of "F*** You" can hardly wait.

Don't expect the dirty lyrics in this version, though.  

"Forget You" will be the same song we all heard and loved on Glee. It's great that these two talents are teaming up on the song and let's hope Gwyneth wears that great skirt and boot combination again for the video. Of course, it does beg another question: Who did it better in the first place?

See for yourself. Here are both videos, the first from Cee Lo and the second from Gwyneth. Be warned that there is language in the first one, but with a song called "F*** You," you kind of have to expect it. Here they are:



So, who is better? I have to give the edge to Cee Lo here, though not by much. I could watch Gwyneth shake her booty all day. She has gorgeous, silky blond hair, an amazing outfit, and beautiful legs. She also has a great voice. But, Cee Lo's version is so much more raw.

Gwyneth -- for all her beauty and talent -- doesn't strike me as someone with a plethora of soul. Cee Lo does. Plus it's just his song. He owns it. Still, it's a close one and I cannot wait to see them belt it out together.

The two will sing it out together on Saturday Night Live (Gwyneth is hosting) on January 15. Cee Lo is the musical guest. My guess is they will drag it out to the end, but this just might be worth staying up way past my bedtime to see.

Who do you think is better?


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