Christina Scavo vs. Brett Favre: Why She Should Win

Brett FavreBrett Favre and the Jets franchise have found themselves in yet another hell storm thanks to Brett's caveman-like inability to respect women. Former Jets massage therapists, Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole, are claiming that Brett harassed them via text (geezus, someone take away this man's phone) and they are filing a big ol' lawsuit against both Favre and the Jets franchise. Unfortunately for these two women, the incident happened two years ago, creating some criticism as to what their true motives are since it's coming in the aftermath of the Jenn Sterger incident. Many folks feel that the ladies are just wanting to cash in on the skeevy quarterback's recent events, and that if it bothered them so much, why didn't they address this incident when it first happened?

Sure, it's a legit question. But also clearly not asked by people who have ever been harassed or abused.


The fact is, they did address it to their boss when it happened and were coincidentally fired soon after. I don't know about you, but that would shut me up as well. It's their word against a highly paid athlete's -- it's intimidating. After fail #1, I'd just shrug my shoulders and admit defeat.

Not to mention that admitting to being a victim of sexual harassment, or any kind of abuse in general, is difficult. You feel violated, and opening up about that can be embarrassing and emotionally challenging. Throw a celebrity and a rejection from the boss into the mix, and yeah, no wonder they kept quiet all these years. Not until they saw Jenn Sterger open up publicly about her incident did they realize they had a back-up to their story. Suddenly, it's not just these two masseuses vs. Favre -- it's other female Jets workers as well.

I have no doubt that money isn't a factor, but I don't see why it shouldn't be either. Is it such a huge favor to ask a man to respect women, much less the women who is under the same employer as him? Just because someone may have superiority over a person doesn't give them the right to treat them in such a disgusting manner. And for the franchise to practically back the player up by firing them is even more disgusting than the act itself.

What are your thoughts on this latest Favre scandal?


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