Justin Bieber Is Multiplying, Help Us All!

Jamie LaouSo first dead birds fall from the sky, then dead fish are found floating, and now Justin Bieber has been cloned. I'm not sure which of the three is scarier. The Bieber lookalike is a young man from Australia by the name of Jamie Laou who has become wildly famous simply because he looks like the teen dream.

Oh he sings as well, but based on what I've seen, the 17-year-old doesn't sing all that well ... at all. It's clearly all about his look ... just like Justin. And just like Justin, Laou has fans flocking. That is one powerful hairstyle!

Laou's YouTube Channel has seen more than a quarter of a million hits since he started posting in April, and he has more than 50,000 Twitter followers. Thousands pounce each time he posts a video singing something that's supposed to be a song like "Ima Fish" interspersed with random musings about things like cupcakes, the moon, the fact that he's not a pedophile, but he's into girls. Check him out and see what you think:


Justin's starting to sound much better, huh?

Laou isn't humble, that's for sure, and bills himself as "The Regina George of twitter." (She was the character played by Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls.) In a recent tweet he stated, "Im one of the smartest people you will ever follow and if you unfollow me its your loss because you wont be learning anything."

At least Justin shows some humility.

And Laou has no problem knocking the guy the made him famous. Going out on a limb here to assume that "jb" in the following tweet is, in fact, The Biebs:

"when ever i see jb shirtless.. idk its asif his face is like. copyed and pasted on somebody elses body. it doesnt match him lol lmfao"

At least Justin is NICE. So perhaps Laou is Justin's evil doppelganger -- and you don't want to mess with those. According to WiseGEEK:

Doppelgangers are often malicious or a bad omen, and they can haunt their earthly counterparts. They may also give bad advice or put thoughts in their victim's heads. Seeing one's own doppelganger or the doppelganger of a friend or relative is considered very bad luck, often heralding death or serious illness of the doppelganger's original.

Watch out, Justin! Watch out, world!

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