Maria Menounos Has Worst Bikini Malfunction of All Time, Alerted by Twitter

While vacationing in Miami Beach over the weekend, Access Hollywood host Maria Menounos jumped on Twitter to let her fans know what she was up to. She tweeted,

Beach football today w/@MichaelChiklis...paparazzi had some fun! Hope the bikini shots are flattering!

A short while later, someone responded with a dire heads-up:

@mariamenounos ....showed more than u planned.

Maria typed back,

No??!!!! Where did u see? Pls tell me ur joking

No joke, Maria, ur vag is totes all over the internets. Sadly, she apparently suffered quite a wardrobe malfunction as the paparazzi collected their photos. While playing football in the ocean, her bikini bottom seemingly got ... uh ... wedged off to the right, which partially exposed her private Menounoo for everyone to see.


If you'd like to enjoy the NSFW images, you sick puppy, here they are in all their glory.

So, whenever I see these kind of high-quality, flatteringly-posed (well, except for the peeping genitalia) shots, I assume the paparazzi weren't exactly hiding behind a bush (heh) with a telephoto lens. To me they look like staged photos, if not invited then at least mutually agreed upon. Like, okay, you can take my photo and sell it IF you only photograph me looking awesome and athletic and not bent over, eating, and/or exhaling.

If that was the case, you'd think she would have been extra Vag Vigilant, you know what I mean?

At any rate, let this be a lesson to all hardbodied women whose careers are intrinsically tied to their sex appeal: you can play beach sports, OR you can wear a skimpy bikini. Or you can chalk this one up to No Pubic Publicity is Bad Publicity, and watch your book pre-orders soar.

Image via Twitter

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