Zsa Zsa Gabor Will Still Be Sexy After Serious Amputation

Zsa Zsa GaborZsa Zsa Gabor is one tough cookie, even throughout the last several years as her health has increasingly gone downhill. The 93-year-old former actress was recently rushed to the hospital because of a severe blood clot that will cause her to have half of her leg amputated. The doctors had advised her husband, Prince von Anhalt, to have her admitted for surgery before the holidays to remove the clot when it was found back in November, but she refused, saying that this may be her last holiday and she wanted to spend it at home. Because of the wait, the clot grew into a full-fledged legion which can now only be removed through amputation


As awful as the news is of her having to get her leg amputated, I can't help but think how amazing of a person she is for sticking it out so she could be home with family during the holiday season, even if it was a risk to her life. She's definitely a feisty character (she once slapped a police officer because she didn't like the way he was treating her), and I can just picture her stubbornly refusing to be admitted until she had her spiked eggnog. 

Between her and her husband's bizarre health incidents, they surely must be on first name basis with the hospital staff. Earlier this summer, she broke her hip while watching Jeopardy because she fell out of the bed, and only a few weeks ago, her husband super glued his eyes shut. Crazy, right?

But through it all, she's managed to be one sexy lady, and she'll continue to be, even if she has to do it with only a single leg.

Best wishes for Zsa Zsa!

Think she'll still manage to have her iconic glamour after this surgery?


Image via classic film scans/Flickr

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