Snooki Is Ruining My New Year's Eve


For months now, I've been looking forward to New Year's Eve. The plans are made. We've already purchased our champagne. I went shopping. I bought sparkly heels. And now, the center of our event -- watching the ball drop in Times Square, is just not going to be the same.

Yes, they're still doing it. No -- they're not changing venues. But now, Snooki won't be inside.

Yup, I know. You must be pissed, too.


Countdown Entertainment and Times Square Alliance released a statement Wednesday saying that everyone's favorite party girl would be absent from the Big Apple Friday night.

Be don't worry, everyone in Jersey is rejoicing!! Why? Because Snooki's headin' back to the Shore for New Year's Eve. No, she won't be fist pumping and partying with the best of them, she'll still be dropping from a ball. Just in Seaside Heights.

Really, I'm super disappointed. Why, you wonder? Well ...

Snooki rolls with a good crew: Sure, the cast of the Jersey Shore may not be the most intelligent bunch on the block. But let's be serious, I could stare at The Situation's abs for a solid 30-minutes in disbelief before getting bored. And I mean, they know how to party. There's no doubt that Times Square would of been poppin'. Yes, I said poppin'.

The paparrazzi: And to think, I thought this was my year to make it into the background of some celebrity party pics. I've been perfecting my skinny arm, working on my poses, and now the only people that will see my NYE photos are my Facebook friends.

The clothes: Who doesn't get a good laugh of a good Snooki ensemble? With her boobs pushed-up to her neck and a skirt that hardly covers her cha-cha, I'm sure no one will have anything bad to say about my outfit choice.

MTV's New Year's Bash 2011 will air tomorrow night at 10:30 p.m. (EST)

Will you be watching?

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