Jim Toth & Reese Witherspoon Engaged: He's No Ryan Phillippe (Or Jake Gyllenhaal for That Matter)

Who the hell is Jim Toth? That's the question on everyone's mind after the news of his engagement to Reese Witherspoon surfaced yesterday. It's just plain weird.

I remember Reese and Ryan Phillippe in all of their Cruel Intentions glory. They were such a blond, perfect movie star couple. And she was one of the cutest moms in Hollywood with two blond, perfect kiddos. 

And then their storybook (or should I say Hollywood?) romance ended. After the couple divorced, Reese found "love" with Love and Other Drugs hottie Jake Gyllenhaal (How could ANYONE ever let that go!?) They were happy. They were lovable. And most importantly: They were gorgeous together.

So am I the only one who's a little itty bit confused here? Let's look at the facts.


Reese and Ryan split up in November 2007, citing irreconcilable differences. Since then, Ryan has been tied to Abbie Cornish, Nikki Reed, and most recently -- Dear John actress Amanda Seyfriend.

Reese and Jake split after their relationship hit a breaking point. Since then, we've seen him hanging with Isabel Lucas and most recently, canoodling with Taylor Swift. (They're only 8 years apart, it's no big deal.)

So what's the deal with Reese's new squeeze?

Name: Jim Toth

Age: 40

Occupation: Agent at L.A.'s Creative Artists Agency (he doesn't represent Reese) 

Started dating: January 2010

Went public: In March during Reese's birthday celebration weekend in Ojai, California

Kids: None of his own, but gets along well with Reese's two children, Ava and Deacon

His next move: Unknown, but who cares about Reese's wedding to this nobody when you can watch her alongside Robert Pattinson in her upcoming movie Water for Elephants?

Let's be serious -- Reese Witherspoon is marrying someone who doesn't even have his own Wikipedia page. What's up with that?!

What do you think of Reese and Jim?

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