Forbes List of Top-Earning Stars of 2010 (Judge Judy Makes HOW Much?)

Forbes has released their list of the top 20 highest-paid men and women in Hollywood, and a few of the folks currently sleeping on stacks of gold ingots may surprise you.

Oprah—no shocker here—takes the top spot with an estimated $315 million income, but get this: her buddy, filmmaker Tyler Perry, comes in third with $125 million. I would never have guessed he was the third top earner of 2010, would you?

Thanks no doubt to the massive success of Avatar, director James Cameron lands second place with an estimated $210 million, while Steven Spielberg, Jerry Bruckheimer, George Lucas and Michael Bay also make the top 10.

Beyonce is highest-paid musician on the list, landing ahead of Lady Gaga and Britney Spears at number nine with an $87 million 2010 paycheck. But Britney Spears still got paid $64 million this year, y'all. You'd think the girl would be able to afford a better weave.

Here's the entire Forbes list of Hollywood’s 20 highest-earning men and women of 2010:


1. Oprah Winfrey, $315 million
2. James Cameron, $210 million
3. Tyler Perry, $125 million
4. Michael Bay, $120 million
5. Tiger Woods, $105 million
6. Jerry Bruckheimer, $100 million
7. Steven Spielberg, $100 million
8. George Lucas, $95 million
9. Beyoncé, $87 million
10. Dr. Phil, $80 million
11. Simon Cowell, $80 million
12. Jerry Seinfeld, $75 million
13. Britney Spears, $64 million
14. Lady Gaga, $62 million
15. Madonna, $58 million
16. Sandra Bullock, $56 million
17. Ellen DeGeneres, $55 million
18. Miley Cyrus, $48 million
19. Taylor Swift, $45 million
20. Judge Judy Sheindlin, $45 million

You GUYS. Judge Judy made 45 MILLION DOLLARS this year. I . . . wow.

In comparison, a quick rundown of what the top reality stars made:

- $6 million for Kim Kardashian, thanks to a variety of sources, including about fifty zillion endorsements
- $5 million for Lauren Conrad, even though she's no longer shooting The Hills
- $4 million for Bethenney Frankel
- $3.5 million for Kate Gosselin, who really needs to STFU about how she's not choosing fame over her kids

Were you surprised by any of these paychecks?

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