ALF's N-Bomb: John LaMotta Doesn't Care, Neither Should You (VIDEO)

An outtake reel is just that -- a tape of scenes never to be aired on TV. So now, why is this outtake reel from the 1980's sitcom ALF causing such a stir?

Well, in this specific reel, everyone's most hated puppet Alf (seriously, did anyone ENJOY this show?!) is filmed making sexually charged comments and dropping the "N-word."

The whole scenario is so unimportant, in fact, that even John LaMotta (who played the nosy neighbor on the TV series) neglected to comment. Instead, he told TMZ: "I thought the show ALF was a piece of sh** ... worst work I ever did."

This is the worst "big to-do over nothing" I've ever heard of. Watch the clips for yourself:


Sure, no one wants to hear such profanity on set. But -- there's a reason for it. Enter the 1980s hit series LA Law. It seems Paul Fusco (the show's creator and voice of Alf) was simply poking fun at this clip:

Do I think Tourette syndrome is funny? Of course not. But after seeing both clips -- I think it's time for the critics to lighten up. You can hear the laughter throughout the entire ALF clip from the film crew and producers. If this was an uncomfortable scenario for any involved at the time, I'm sure that it was taken care of then -- more than 15 years ago. It's about time we save the drama for someone else, and find something better to do with our snow days.

What do you think of the ALF outtake reel?

Image via youtube

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